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Andy Miller: A Legend and a Legacy 

Henry Gariepy – $2.97 – Stock # WW487062

This anecdotal biography unveils the life of one of the most colorful and remarkable leaders in the history of The Salvation Army.

The Army Needs an Ambulance Corps: A History of The Salvation Army’s Medical Services 

Harry Williams – $4.99 – Stock # WW226649

Salvation Army hospitals have never existed solely for the Movement’s own wounded soldiers. This fascinating history of the Army’s medical services from the late 19th century to the present epitomizes the Army’s philosophy of service to others.

Building Blocks of Spiritual Leadership

William W. Francis – $5.99 – Stock # WW343959

Commissioner William W. Francis reveals the basic elements of strong and effective spiritual leadership
in his new book. Drawing on his extensive leadership experience in various positions, as well as the wisdom of the Bible and historical and contemporary figures, Francis offers indispensable advice. Building Blocks of Spiritual Leadership is a clear, compelling read for anyone in or pursuing a leadership role.

Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord: The Christian Heritage of the Sacred Jewish Festivals

William W. Francis – $12.00 – Stock # WW760127 

William W. Francis reveals how Jesus participated in the feasts and how, in Himself, their meaning was fulfilled. Study guides follow each chapter.

Christmas Break Through

Phil Needham – Stock # WW 709085

Commissioner Phil Needham invites readers to take a 41-day journey. The in-depth devotionals relating to Advent, Christmas and Epiphany in “Christmas Breakthrough” serve as a dependable and informative guide. Throughout this inspirational text, Needham retells the events surrounding the birth of Christ and shares the many lessons that can be learned in revisiting what he recognizes as “the most important breakthrough in human history.”

Christmas Through the Years

$7.49 – Stock # WW760113 

Along with kettles and carols, the Christmas War Cry remains one of the Salvation Army’s most enduring yuletide traditions.

Christ at the Door

$14.95 – Stock # WW709043

In Christ at the Door, Commissioner Needham attacks the status quo, encouraging us to radically change our approach to ministry and service. His passion for seeking and saving the lost calls us back to our bottom line: making converts who are sanctified, radical followers of Jesus Christ. This book is a must read for anyone looking to increase their commitment to their charge as a Salvationist.

Come Join Our Army: Historic Reflections on Salvation Army Growth

R.G. Moyles  – $0.25 – Stock # WW094076

R.G. Moyles describes the growth of The Salvation Army in the late 19th century and its unique methods for attracting Christians to evangelism.

Determined to Conquer

A.Kenneth Wilson – $1.99 – Stock # WW148250

The Salvation Army arrived in Jamaica in 1887. Learn how Salvationists met with fierce persecution from both police and the general public during its beginnings in the Caribbean.

Easter Through the Years: A War Cry Treasury

$4.99 – Stock # WW760173

This War Cry treasury recounts the Passion of Christ and the profound ways Easter intersects with our livestoday. Spend time with contributors like Max Lucado General William Booth and Samuel Logan Bregnel and storytellers such as Mary Ellen Holmes. Includes classic illustrations and stories for children.

Every Sober Day Is a Miracle

John R. Cheydleur, ed. – $4.99 Stock # WW226687

There are 99 tragic stories in this book, yet each one ends in triumph, along with motivation to believe that recovery is possible for anyone through Jesus Christ.

Farewell to the Founder

R.G. Moyles – $4.99 – Stock # WW148241

A tribute to the Founder on the 100th anniversary of General William Booth’s promotion to glory.

Fractured Parables

A. Kenneth Wilson – $4.99 – Stock # WW487014

A. Kenneth Wilson recasts Jesus’ parables
in contemporary circumstances and language to make the figures of the Bible just as real as we are today.

The Girl Invaded America: The Odyssey of Eliza Shirley

$4.99 – Stock # WW226625

Learn how, in 1879, 16-year-old Eliza Shirley and her parents unofficially launched the first corps in the United States. 

Good Morning China: The Chronicle of The Salvation Army in China 1916-2000

Check-Hung Yee – $0.99 – Stock # WW094050

Good Morning China recounts
the obstacles involved in the Army’s work in China, from the early pioneer days through communist rule.

Hallmarks of The Salvation Army

Henry Gariepy – $0.25 – Stock # WW226673

Articles from 35 Salvationist leaders and writers around the world, this collection centers around the Word of God, Salvationism, prayer, education, social justice, officership, music and the arts.

He Who Laughed First: Delighting in a Holy God

Phil Needham – $4.99 – Stock # WW18726

Christians often view God as a perpetually somber dictator, yet the Scriptures tell us how He loves laughing with His children and delighting in His creations.

Holiness Revealed

Amy Reardon – $11.99 – Stock # WW570571

Amy Reardon guides readers through 30 days of in-depth devotions on the Book of Hebrews. Holiness Revealed will transform the hearts and minds of contemporary disciples. 

Holy Living

Herbert Luhn – $8.49 – Stock # WW148272

Transforming the mind requires a firm resolve. Herbert Luhn affirms that it really is possible for us to become the human beings God created us to be. The author explains how we can align ourselves with God’s purpose.

How I Met The Salvation Army: True Stories of Christian Transformation

$4.99 – Stock # WW148227

Discover 96 personal stories of spiritual transformation by people who have found new life through The Salvation Army, in ways as diverse as their backgrounds.

Identity Revealed

$10.00 – Stock # WW573315

“Identity Revealed” is a series of devotionals ideal for group or individual Bible study. Major Amy Reardon unpacks the beautiful message of liberated humanity—forgiveness and grace—for all people. Readers are encouraged to throw off misunderstanding, confusion and deception, and accept the freedom offered through a new identity in Christ.

If Two Shall Agree

$3.49 – Stock # WW11928X

The author tells the fascinating story of how God brought these two dedicated servants together and melded them into a compelling team that served for more than 35 years, leading the Army to new heights of vision, ministry, and growth. Read how God leads surrendered believers to accomplish great things for Him.

I Knew William Booth

$0.25 – Stock # WW094091

A kaleidoscope of perspectives on the life of the Salvation Army Founder by those who knew this great man best.

In the Balance

Allen Satterlee – $8.00 – Stock # WW148298 

Drawing from the Book of Revelation, this book relates the unique struggles of Christian churches clinging to the resurrected Jesus during a time of heresies, polytheism and syncretism.

Israel L. Gaither: Man with a Mission Henry Gariepy

$4.99 – Stock # WW094083

This biography of Israel L. Gaither, former National Commander, by Henry Gariepy, is an inspirational portrait of a man dedicated to God presented by family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Kenneth Wilson – $5.99 Stock – Stock # WW148234

A refreshingly contemporary tour through a host of biblical situations, inspiring readers to make positive choices along their journey of discipleship.

Joy Revealed

Allen Satterlee – $9.99 – Stock # WW572083

In this thirty-day study of Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians, Allen Satterlee uncovers for today’s readers Paul’s message about the source of true joy: having the mindset of Christ.

Lenten Awakening

Phil Needham – Stock # WW – ISBN #978-1-946709-16-5

Lenten Awakening is a spiritual journey for Christians and seekers alike. It can be used during any Lenten to Easter season. The key is to begin the journey on what has traditionally been called Ash Wednesday, on whatever calendar date that occurs on any given year. These daily meditations will lead the reader through the weeks of Lent, concluding with Easter Sunday.

The Life and Ministry of William Booth: Founder of The Salvation Army 

Roger J. Green – $22.99 – Stock # WW052734X

Salvationist Roger Green, former professor at Gordon College, examines how the Founder and his wife reached out to the urban poor and disadvantaged and the role John Wesley played in transforming their vision and ministry.

The Offering: An Act of Worship

Margaret E. Doughty – $6.00 – Stock # WW535508

This resource offers creative and motivational ways to encourage response during the offering segment of worship services. More than 100 readings include ideas for Easter, Mother’s Day, Veterans Day, and more.

The Kingdom Revealed

Allen Satterlee – $9.99

In this study, Allen Satterlee unpacks Jesus’ message to his followers, revealing countercultural truths to transform daily spiritual living. Read each devotional and be challenged to know God and his vision for kingdom living

Ideal for group or individual Bible study, Allen Satterlee’s conversational style, personal anecdotes and contextual insights offer readers a deeper look into some of Jesus’ most well-known words.

Living Portaits Speaking Still: A Collection of Bible Studies 

$4.99 – Stock # WW094010

Established authors and contributors to War Cry magazine examine the “saints of Scripture,” in 18 Bible studies grouped according to theme.

No Longer Missing!: Compelling True Stories from the Salvation Army’s Missing Persons Ministry

Judith Brown and Christine Poff – $4.99 – Stock # WW226656

Discover remarkable, moving stories
of reconciliation among estranged relatives reuniting after long periods of separation.

Now You know

Major Frank Duracher – Stock # WW709064

For almost five decades, Major Frank Duracher has been collecting nearly forgotten anecdotes from The Salvation Army’s exciting and inspiring history. Now, he skillfully retells 50 of those most ironic and intriguing episodes, so that you will learn even more about the Army you swore you knew everything about. As you read, you will uncover surprising incidents in our church’s history. You will mine nuggets of Scripture that define who we are as a movement. You will have a chance to revisit our most poignant moments, so that you may revel in exploring the evolution of this miracle we call The Salvation Army.

Our God Come

Marlene Chase – Stock # WW487003

This engaging book of poetry rests on the premise that, like the unstoppable ocean tide, God comes to us in a variety of ways. His voice is never silenced; He speaks through creation and within our spirits.

The Offering: An Act of Worship

Margaret E. Doughty – Stock # WW535508

A resource by Margaret E. Doughty of over 100 readings designed for the offering in a worship service, including specialized readings for Mother’s Day, Veterans Day, Christmas and more.

Pen of Flame: The Life and Poetry of Catherine Baird

John C. Izzard with Henry Gariepy – $0.25 – Stock # WW487044

As a poet, hymn writer and editor, Catherine Baird changed the way The Salvation Army viewed the importance of the written word. 

Pictures from the Word

Marlene J. Chase – $4.99 – Stock # WW760130

This book brings to
life the vivid metaphors
of Scripture that illuminate God’s limitless and gracious provision.

Pilgrimage Revealed

Allen Satterlee – ISBN #978-1-946709-88-2

How should the believer react to and behave in a hostile world, especially when things are becoming darker by the day? Peter urged first-generation Christians to engage in the world in which they lived. He also reminded them that because of their relationship with Christ, their true citizenship was beyond any national identification. They were not stuck in circumstances, but pilgrims moving toward a homeland. This in-depth study of First Peter by Allen Satterlee defines the Christian life amid the strife, and what it means to be pilgrims moving toward a new world.


Timothy Foley – Stock # WWW709191

When life demands 24/7 attention, you may find it impossible to rest. We live in a fast-paced world. It doesn’t slow down, so why should you? With an engaging narrative, this book by Tim Foley, an experienced scholar and teacher of spiritual formation, provides a refreshing and informative take on the subject of sabbath rest. It speaks to anyone looking to renew their sense of joy and find options for coping with life’s pressures.

Romance & Dynamite: Essays on Science & the Nature of Faith 

Lyell M. Rader – $4.99 – Stock # WW760151

Lyell M. Rader provides anecdotes and insights on the interplay of science and faith, using his training as a chemist to demonstrate the Bible’s trustworthiness.

The Sacramental Journey of The Salvation Army

Through his outstanding scholarship, R. David Rightmire reveals the theology, context and controversy surrounding William Booth’s 1883 decision to forgo traditional Christian sacramental practices within his Salvation Army. This new, updated volume offers a full picture of Booth’s decision: investigating its theological roots, taking into account its practical dimensions, and exploring its effects within The Salvation Army up to the present day.

A Salvationist Treasury

$4.99 – Stock # WW760193

A Salvationist Treasury, edited by Henry Gariepy, features 365 devotional meditations, from the classics to the contemporary. These Salvationist writings, spanning a century, will inspire you and immerse you in the principles and mission of The Salvation Army. Deepen your understanding of the rich heritage and ministry of the Army.

Samuel L. Brengle’s Holy Life Series

Bob Hostetler – $54.99 (box set) / $11.99 (individual copy) – Stock # WW570760

The complete works of Samuel L. Brengle, one of the greatest 19th-century minds on holiness, have been edited for modern readership by author and long-time Brengle devotee Bob Hostetler. This collection is vital for all who would seriously pursue and understand the depths of holiness. Available as a box set for $54.99, or individually at $11.99 each. 

Say Something

Stephen Banfield and Donna Leedom – $9.99 – Stock # WW148289

Stories of effective evangelism that rescues those who are perishing, brings them into Salvation Army membership, and trains them to be disciples.

Saying Yes to Life 

General John Larsson – $0.25 – Stock # WW226601

In his autobiography, retired Salvation Army General John Larsson urges us not to miss the diversity, richness and fullness of the experiences that come our way through our passions.


$25.00 – Stock # WW126112

Shine presents an abundance of ideas for monthly women’s ministry gatherings, from worship and devotionals
to decorations and craft ideas. DVD included.

Smoky Mountain High

Frank Duracher – $4.99 – Stock # WW226610

Cecil Brown, a missionary from Hurricane Creek, North Carolina, was a legend in her own time. Against all odds, she brought the gospel to the backwoods of the Tar Heel state, where many people had never before read the Bible or heard a sermon preached.

Social Holiness

Jonathan Raymond – $10.00 -Stock # WW393105

In Jonathan Raymond’s newest book, discover the joy of social holiness in the crucible of real relationships.

Something Better

Shaw Clifton – $10.00 – Stock # WW343966

General Shaw Clifton, LLB, BD, PhD, AKC, was elected world leader of The Salvation Army in 2006. Having retired in 2011 after five years as General, we now have from his pen and personal journal a collection of candid autobiographical essays revealing his heart and mind, and much about the Army God raised up to span the globe.

Turning Points: How The Salvation Army Found a Different Path 

Allen Satterlee – $8.00 – Stock # WW126119

When Founders William and Catherine Booth combined the existing ecclesiastical structure of the Christian Mission with the framework of the military, it was more than a gimmick—something new was created. In 1890, the Army waged a full attack on society’s ills and incorporated a social service ministry. Turning Points outlines key moments in The Salvation Army’s history and illustrates how Salvationists faithfully serve God and all of humanity.

Valiant and Strong 

Stock # WW032015

Valiant and Strong is a pictorial celebration of The Salvation Army’s 150 years that captures the movement’s colorful history and spirit. Through 200 large-format pages of words and rare images, learn how the Army overcame setbacks and internal difficulties to expand its borders, add to its numbers and become integral to the nations in which it labors. Valiant and Strong beautifully illustrates how, for over 15 decades, The Salvation Army has kept its mission intact: “to save souls, grow saints and serve suffering humanity.”

Vignettes of Victory: Heroes, Heroines, Highlights, & Sidelights

$12.00 – Stock # WW343942

Stories about the heroism, holiness and humor of notable Salvationists through snapshots of their lives that capture their character and accomplishments.

War on Two Fronts: The Redemptive Theology of William Booth  

Roger Green – $12.00 – Stock # WW343999

William Booth’s theology was fundamental to The Salvation Army’s development. Roger Green explores the two “fronts” of Booth’s salvation war: the spiritual and the social.

Who Are These Salvationists?  

$0.99 (hardcover) – Stock # WW760166

In Who Are These Salvationists: An Analysis for the 21st Century, retired General Shaw Clifton draws on scholarly research and Salvation Army service across five continents to explore the Army’s roots, theology and position in the body of believers. The book offers an understanding of the Army’s mission in the 21st century, the theology that drives its social action and its impressive growth around the world.

When God Becomes Small

Phil Needham – $0.99 – Stock # WW778711

Under the surface we all struggle with who we are supposed to be, with each other and with God. Needham addresses this inner struggle in this beautiful and profound book.

William Booth in America: Six Visits 1886-1907

R.G. Moyles – $4.99 – Stock # WW226690

Using primary sources, this book chronicles the General’s six journeys through the United States to solidify support for the Army, boost morale and raise money for the mission.

A Word in Season

$4.99 – Stock # WW487087

In this excellent collection, more than 30 writers have contributed examples of how everyday experiences are made extraordinary through faith.

The Beat Goes On!: Music as a Corps Ministry

Harold Burgmayer – $24.99 – Stock # WW709028

A comprehensive music resource covering topics applicable to all levels of music-making. Use this guide to plan worship and song leading, create lessons and streamline rehearsal preparation, learn conducting and the skill of reading musical scores. Within its pages you’ll find over 600 pages of help and tips for those involved in music in any way.

Articles of War: A Revolutionary Catechism

William Booth & Stephen Court – $5.00 – Stock # WW709036

The Articles of War encapsulate the Army’s marching orders and strategic plan for the salvation of the world put forth by William Booth in 1903. This updated and expanded version captures this vision for today.